ASDA online shopping – A Joke

Over the past few months I have been doing my monthly big shop online, I’ve tried Ocardo and Tesco online shopping and found both of them to be very similar and had very good experiences with both of them. Then this week we tried ASDA, with a complete opposite experience. It was the worst experience ever.


Things started OK, I was able to download the iPhone app with no issues and created an account fairly quickly. Selecting the delivery time and picking my goods as all very easy. So within 30minutes my shopping as ordered for 2 days later between 8pm and 10pm

So delivery day came, 8pm came, 9pm came and went, then 10pm came and went with still no shopping, no emails, no telephone calls. So I waited till 10.15 then I rang ASDA Customer Support. The phone was answered quickly by a call centre in India. The lady confirmed my order and confirmed that it was on the way. So rather foolishly I waited up to 11pm but still no delivery. The ASDA website said that the customer service line was open till 11.30pm I called them at 11.15 only to be greeted by a recorded message informing me they were closed and only open till 10.30. So their website is incorrect.

The next morning came and I rang them promptly at 7am to find out what had happened. The operator (with very poor English) apologised and said he would contact the store and get them to ring me right back. 15 minutes he rang me back to say he had spoken to them and they would call me. He also confirmed that ‘they had vehicle problems last night’ that old chestnut! Anyway 11am came and surprise surprise the store never called me. So I rang India again and requested the order to be cancelled and my bank account to be credited by 5pm the same day.

Guess what, they can’t refund straight away, it will take 3 to 5 days! Didn’t ever get a apology. I can honestly say the whole experience was a Joke.

TOP TIP : avoid ASDA online shopping at all costs, there Customer Service isn’t and they just don’t care

ASDA you are a disgrace